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The Kiribati National Tourism Office (KNTO) is the Tourism Division of the Ministry of Information, Communications, Transport & Tourism Development responsible for the overall planning and development of tourism in Kiribati.



The Planning and Statistics Unit is primarily responsible for economic planning, analysis, policy advice, project planning and management for the Ministry and administration of Highway Authority.



The ICT Division is responsible for advising the Government on ICT related matters, development of national ICT related Policies, coordination of ICT projects, promoting the use of ICT in the country.



Civil Aviation Division is responsible for all Aviation activities in the country. Kiribati's main obligation as a member state of ICAO, is to comply to all ICAO 19 Annexe.


Airport Services

Airport Services Kiribati was formely known as Civil Aviation. Aiport Services Kiribati stationed in Bonriki is the sole Airport Operator.



The Marine Division is responsible for setting the standard of the Kiribati seafarers and fishers through training schemes offered at the Marine Training Centre.



Postal Services transport mail, small packages and parcels to destinations around the world.  Telecommunications, logistics, financial services and philatelic services. Track your package here.



The Government Printing is a division of MICTTD established to offer and deliver printing services to Government ministries, divisions and to the general public.