Airport Services

Airport Services Kiribati (ASK) is one of the divisions of the Ministry of Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism Development (MICTTD).  Airport Services Kiribati was formely known as Civil Aviation.  In February 2015 the Civil Aviation became two seperate entities now known as Civil Aviation which is base in Betio at the Headquaters and became the sole regulator while the Aiport Services Kiribati stationed  in Bonriki becomes the Airport Operator.  Within the Airport Services Kiribati, there are five different sections namely Air Traffic Services, Air Rescue Fire Fighting Services, Airport Security Department, The Technical Department and The Airport Administration.

These are some of the services provided by the Airport Services Kiribati.

  • Maintaining safety to all flight operations for travelling passengers.
  • Provision of essential flight information to inbound and outbound aircrafts.
  • Maintaining standby operations in cases of unexpected emmergencies on the Airpot during flight operations.
  • Screening of passengers and cargoes before boarding.
  • Checking and maintaning navigational aids assuaring that all are workable and operational.
  • Daily runway inspection before aircraft landing and takeoff.
  • Parking arrangement at designated car park areas.  There is a plan for collecting parking fees in the near future.
  • Restriction to unauthorized vechiles within the airport restricted areas.
  • Checking and maintaing outer island airfields.
  • Terminal operations and maintenance.

Listed below are some of the current and ongoing developments for Kiribati Airports.

  • Runway reconstruction for Bonriki
  • Car park construction for Bonriki
  • Installation of navigational aids for Bonriki and Cassidy (Kiritimati)
  • Erection of airport perimeter fence
  • Upgrading of terminal buildings for Bonriki and Cassidy.