The Planning and Statistics Unit is primarily responsible for economic planning, analysis, policy advice, and project planning and management for the Ministry. The Unit is also supposed to play and maintain its dual role of collecting, compilation and maintaining a robust data system for the Ministry. This dual role has not been an easy responsibility for the Unit for quite some time as it requires a great deal of effort and resources in order to have a full fledge data system in place. Thus the Unit will work on this data role once it has adequate resources and staff to do this responsibility effectively.

The Unit has recently received an additional role as a Secretariat of the Highway Authority Committee. Apart from playing the Secretariat role, the Unit is also responsible for coordinating the implementation of the decisions the Highway Authority Committee including protection and management of the public roads (in accordance with the Public Highways Protection Act - 1989), issuance of driving license, and registration of all vehicles in their various classes. This role was used to be handled by the Betio Town Council (BTC) and Teinainano Urban Council (TUC) until 2016 when it was transferred to the Highway Authority as its new responsibility.

Project Planning and Management

In doing its role in project planning, the Unit supports all Divisions of the Ministry (MICTTD) and its State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in designing and formulating their project proposals. Appraisals of such project proposals are normally done by the Unit which then handles them with the National Economic Planning Office (NEPO) for the next phases of government approval and funding. While the Unit also assists in the monitoring of projects, it is responsible for the acquittal reporting of completed projects to donors concerned through NEPO. Being responsible for project planning and management, the Unit plays a critical role of coordinating all projects for the Ministry so that they can be implemented successfully and at the time the donor’s assistance are used efficiently. To help with this coordination role, the Unit has established a project database comprised of a list of completed, ongoing, and new projects and their status. This project database is updated monthly. In assisting Divisions and SOEs in formulating their project proposals, the Unit also advises them of the appropriate project template/format to use. E-copies of these project templates/formats for a different project type like for training, a short-term Technical Assistance (TA), a long-term TA, and an ordinary project are available on this website. Other related forms/formats such as for a Supplementary Project (requesting for additional funds to complete the project) and, an Acquittal form are also available on this website.

Ministry Strategic Plan (MSP) and Ministry Operational Plan (MOP)

The Unit also provides support to the production, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the MSPs and MOPs for MICTTD. In short, the MSP is more or less like a Business Plan of Ministries with a lifespan of 3 years that guides the operation of Ministries over this period to achieve their strategic objectives stated in their MSP and hence, achievement of the relevant national development outcomes stipulated in the Kiribati Development Plan (KDP): 2016-2019. An e-copy of MICTTD MSP for the current plan period is available on this website.

The MOP on the one hand is an annual action plan to implement the MSP. Like an MSP, the MOP is normally prepared through a collaborative efforts of all Divisions by providing their individual annual workplans using the standard template. These Divisional annual workplans are then compiled together to form a Ministry Operational Plan. An e-copy of MICTTD MOP for the current period is given in this website.

Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the KDP is also a responsibility of the Unit. To do this role, the Unit invites the monitoring report from all Divisions regarding the implementation of their individual MOP or annual workplan for every Quarter. The Unit uses these Divisional MOP progress reports to prepare the Quarterly MOP progress report for the whole Ministry. There is a standard MOP monitoring template used for this purpose and a copy of such a template is available on the website.


Currently, the Planning Unit is working in collaboration with all Divisions to set up a user-friendly and sustainable statistics system not just for planning purpose but equally important for self-monitoring and evaluation of activities of all Divisions and SOEs under MICTTD as those given in their MOPs or Business Plans. The statistics system envisaged would be one that would include a project database for the whole Ministry, the Ministry annual budgets and outturns, Special Fund Accounts (Civil Aviation and Highway Authority, etc), domestic vessel database, land and air traffic database, and so on. All these statistics will be accessible to anyone once they have been received from the Divisions and SOEs of MICTTD and input into a user-friendly database system.