Air Kiribati Fare Increase Announcement

Monday, April 15, 2019

Air Kiribati CEO, Mr Tarataake Teannaki has today announced that there will be a fare increase across all Air Kiribati domestic routes effective from the 29th April 2019.

The Fare increase is part of Air Kiribati’s ongoing organisational strengthening program that started in 2016. This program is designed to put the domestic operations of Air Kiribati on a more sustainable footing and to lessen the need for Government funding, Mr Teannaki said.

In addition, Air Kiribati would like to inform passengers that Airport Services Kiribati (the new management authority for Bonriki airport) have now implemented a $5 passenger service levy on all domestic departures from Tarawa and all outer island airports. This tax will also be added to tickets above the fare rates increase.

“Operating an airline is expensive and though we do our best to keep costs down it is important that we look to increasing air fares for sustainability, Mr Teannaki said.

In 2016, Air Kiribati went to Government with a plan to strengthen the financial sustainability of the airline and a range of internal measures identified that should be instituted,

“We are committed to making sure the airline operates as sustainable as possible and though we strongly recognise the additional cost burden this will put on our travelling public it is a measure that needs to be implemented to allow the airline to stand on its own two feet, Mr Teannaki said.

“In announcing this air fare increase we also want to make the comment that this increase is not in any way associated with Air Kiribati’s existing and future international operations,

“Monies associated with international operations – including sourcing of international staff and consultants associated with jet operations are covered by a separate grant from the GOK and in no way form part of the reason or need for this increase, Mr Teannaki said.

“The increase does focus its attention however on our actual costs associated with domestic operations. For example we will see a larger increase in fares to the southern Gilbert Islands. This is in result to the significant fuel costs for fuel on Tab North, Mr Teannaki said.

In related news, Air Kiribati has recently introduced new E-Ticketing tickets for travellers across the network.

In many of our ports we will be introducing printed paper tickets instead of the manual coupon style tickets,

“This new ticketing system will be rolled across the network fully over the coming year, Mr Teannaki said. “We will also be introducing a new online booking functionality that will allow the general public to buy domestic and international tickets using their Visa Debit Card online rather than going to our reservations centre, Mr Teannaki concluded.