Dash 8 will reconnect Kiribati and Tuvalu again after separations during colonial era

Friday, December 22, 2017

BAIRIKI, TARAWA, The new service builds on an Air Service Agreement (ASA) and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Government of Kiribati and the Government of Tuvalu on Wednesday this week will surely bring back long and memorable history that the people of the two Governments had shared under the colonial rule of the British Empire dated back in many years.

Welcoming the commencement of the air service at the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel, Minister of Communication from the Tuvalu Government, Hon. Monise Tuivaka Laafai underlines the importance of the aviation partnership as a catalyst for both nations’ economic development. “This service is more than just a link between two nations – it also represents an avenue for both nations to grow and prosper as we fly our nations forward together,” he said.

“We were one people one government under one identity, the Gilbert and Ellice Islands colony, this history still exists to this stage despite the fact that we are now two fully independent and sovereign nations.”

Minister of Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism Development, Hon. Willie Tokataake from the Government of Kiribati reiterated the signing of the ASA and MOU has signified the beginning of a mutual beneficial arrangements with a hope to bring both Kiribati and Tuvalu even closer.

“We were all aware of the challenges of the two countries especially in relation to air services, though the signing today is just a beginning that is starting to bear fruits for both the people of Kiribati and Tuvalu,” Minister Tokataake says.

He says the new air service will provide more travel alternatives to overseas students and workers and at the same time encourages our people to travel between our two countries.

The Minister and members his delegation visited Tuvalu on the Air Kiribati Limited’s own Dash 8 aircraft Tuesday this week and returned home safely last night.