Cybercrime Bill 2021

An Act to provide for the prevention, investigation and suppression of computer related offences and for other connected purposes.

Approved from Parliament 19-04-2021

MICTTD MSP 2021-2023

The MICTTD is glad to present the Ministry Strategic Plan (MSP) 2021-2024. With over 240 activities, underpinned by 86 strategic objectives to achieve four main goals, these planned strategies and activities is the collective work of the senior management team from the MICTTD Divisions and SOEs that covers the four years from 2021 to 2024.

Digital Government Master Plan

Digital Government Master Plan

The Government of Kiribati is committed to transforming the delivery of public services and using digital solutions to enhance good governance. This is well in line with national policies, the Government Manifesto and the 20-year vision for Kiribati, KV20. The Government Manifesto declares about the improvement of the Management Information System: work will be undertaken to improve the collection, the production, the storing and release of data and news using the latest technology that is...

Kiribati National Cybersecurity Strategy

Kiribati National Cybersecurity Strategy 2020

The government recognised ICT as an enabler and a driver in our pursuit for social and economic development for a sustainable prosperity in this digital era. The government is fully aware of risks and threats involved in this interconnected and interdependence world of Information and Communication Technologies, however the potential of ICT by far outweighs these risks and threats. The government does not only recognise the importance of Cybersecurity but is equally aware about the...

National ICT Policy

National ICT Policy 2019

This policy, an updated version describes the ongoing activities paved from the last policy 2011 captivating new commitments and plan to ensure every citizens of Kiribati have access to a full range of modern technologies in a more secured environment.  

The National ICT policy 2019 recognises ICT has the key enabler to improve economic and social developments and with innovative new technologies to filling the gaps in our service coverage. It also maps out our plan to develop...

Amendment to Maritime Act

An Act to amend the Maritime Act 2017

Broadcasting Publication Authority Act - Revised 1979

Broadcasting Publication Authority Act - Revised 1979

Amendment to Communications Act 2017

Amendment to the Communications Act 2017

Communications Act 2013

The Communication Act 2013 implements the Government of Kiribati‟s policy for the reform of the ICT sector adopted in April 2011. The central objective of that policy is to achieve open and competitive communications markets in Kiribati. International experience suggests that competition will deliver significant social and economic benefits, through improved services, lower prices, and broader coverage.

The Act sets up a new...

National ICT Policy 2011

The Government of Kiribati recognizes the critical role of ICT in Kiribati’s future economic development. ICT is a key ingredient in connecting people to each other and to vital services which underpin economic and social wellbeing. Consequently, the Government is committed to fostering the development and use of affordable, reliable ICT services in the interests of all of the people of Kiribati.

The Government affirms the need for affordable and...