National ICT Policy

National ICT Policy 2019

This policy, an updated version describes the ongoing activities paved from the last policy 2011 captivating new commitments and plan to ensure every citizens of Kiribati have access to a full range of modern technologies in a more secured environment.  

The National ICT policy 2019 recognises ICT has the key enabler to improve economic and social developments and with innovative new technologies to filling the gaps in our service coverage. It also maps out our plan to develop...

Airport Security Act 1990

Airport Security Act 1990

Civil Aviation Act 2019

Civil Aviation Act 2019

Airport Kiribati Act

An Act to provide for the Airport Kiribati Authority and For Connected Purposes

Amendment to Maritime Act

An Act to amend the Maritime Act 2017

Public Highway Protection Act 2018

An Act to make provision for the protection of Public Highways; Establishment of a Licensing Authority and For Connected Purposes

Kiribati Tourism Act 2018

An Act to provide for the Kiribati Tourism and For Connected Purposes


Ministry Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023

The Ministry and SOE Strategic Plan 2020-2023 is an outcome of the strategic thinking and collective work of the SMT, Heads of Department (HODs), technical staff, SOE Boards, and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) within the Ministry and its SOEs. This strategic plan is the first that involves all SOEs operating under the Ministry of Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism Development (MICTTD).

To download a copy of the MSP, please click on the link below:

Broadcasting Publication Authority Act - Revised 1979

Broadcasting Publication Authority Act - Revised 1979

Amendment to Communications Act 2017

Amendment to the Communications Act 2017