MICTTD is responsible for 6 State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), out of which 2 are Authorities established and governed by their respective Acts. In line with GoK public sector reform, 1 of the SOE’s under MICTTD’s mandate is now being reviewed. Some SOEs have either been sold off by government such as in the case of Telecom Services of Kiribati Limited (TSKL), or tendered through a Public Private Partnership concession as in the case of Otintaai Hotel Limited. However MICTTD is still mandated to oversee the performance of the following Corporations and Government owned enterprises:

Kiribati Ports Authority (KPA)

The KPA is established under the Kiribati Ports Authority Act 1990 and commenced its operation on the 10th January 2010 for the following purposes:

  • To provide and maintain adequate and efficient port services and facilities in ports or the approaches to ports
  • To regulate and control navigation within ports
  • To promote the use, improvement and development of ports
  • To coordinate all activities of or within ports.

Communication Commission of Kiribati (CCK)

CCK, formerly the Telecommunication Authority of Kiribati, was established under the Communication Act 2013 to oversee and implement the Act. The main function of the Commission is mainly to regulate the telecommunications industry in Kiribati. In addition CCK will manage the Country domain name, dot KI, and the Country code, 686.

Air Kiribati Limited (AKL)

AKL was established on 1st April 1995 following the liquidation of Air Tungaru, its mother airline. Its primary objective is to serve the domestic air service needs of the Government and the people of Kiribati. In addition to improving its service to the travelling public at both national and international levels, AKL is also aiming to be self-reliant in its operations with minimal or no Government subsidy. AKL is currently in the process of renewing and improving its fleet, with reconditioned twin otter aircrafts. Currently, it has acquired 1 reconditioned twin otter aircraft and awaiting the 2nd twin otter.

Kiribati Shipping Services Limited (KSSL)

KSSL is 100% fully owned company that runs in financial problems since all its vessels are not meeting the IMO standards on seaworthiness requirements. The future of KSSL is now in the good hands of MICTTD and the SOEMAU. As such, KSSL is now simply operating business as usual with LC Butimari in operation and the workforce and operations properly dimensioned accordingly.

LC Butimari was procured from Tekabiaua Holdings that leased the vessel to KSSL. The Agreement between the Tekabiaua Holdings and KSSL was developed and signed for the operation of the new vessel.

Tekabiaua Holdings is encouraged to procure more vessels and to involve the private sector in the tendering or leasing of the vessels provided that the cost of operating within the uneconomical sector is the cheapest. KSSL is still in the process of liquidation.

Broadcasting and Publications Authority (BPA)

The Broadcasting and Publication Authority is a statutory body formally established in 1979 which commenced public transmissions over Radio Kiribati since 1952. Its main role is to provide local sound broadcasting as a public service for the dissemination of information, education, and entertainment and to produce, print, and distribute the national newspaper “Te Uekera”, and other authorized publications” [Cap 6A: II (2) (a) & (b)].

Betio Shipyard Limited (BSL)

Betio Shipyard Limited was incorporated on 5 February 198 under the Companies Ordinance Cap 10A. At present, the Betio Shipyard is inoperative and is closed for business. Its only one slipway stopped operating in January 2015 due to the aging and badly corroded slipway tracks and trucks which require renewal and upgrading.

BSL still has a number of ongoing High Court Civil Cases which we are working closely with the AG’s office on and other remaining claims from the company employees.

The Betio Shipyard only revenue is from renting out its warehouse in Kiritimati Island to MOEL amounting $2,000.00 per month. This is used to meet the caretaker’s salaries, bills, Board meetings, hardware items for maintenance of company buildings & equipment’s, a few stationary items and sometimes access to internet.

There are only two staffs remaining namely the Engineering Manager and the Accountant. These two staffs assist in collection of outstanding debt, other technical capacity the company may involve with and protecting the value of the company assets until the new approaching company may take over. In addition a security firm TSS is also engaged in safeguarding the company premises 24/7 basis.

Its core role and function is to initially carry on the business of ship and boatbuilding and repairing and all types of construction and repair work and activities related thereto.